Rouken Glen: Best Park in Britain

Chris Doyle

Rouken Glen Park in Glasgow has been named the Best Park in the UK in 2016.

The park, located in East Renfrewshire has been opened for over 100 years and received the coveted award by Fields in Trust.

East Renfrewshire MP, Kirsten Oswald is delighted about the park receiving the award and is grateful to have it as part of the local community:

“It’s somewhere that people go to and is accepted that it is at the heart of our community and I’m really pleased that is the case.”

Kirsten believes the park’s success is down to its facilities that caters to all its visitors:

“I think Rouken Glen is special because it is such a big park and so many things going on in it. We have the boating pond and people are always out for a walk, it’s really popular with local residents.”

“There are areas like the waterfall that are beautiful especially when the Electric Glen festival is on. My children also reassure me that it has the best swing park in Scotland!”

Three years ago, the park went under renovations through a Heritage Lottery Project costing £3 million that upgraded various areas of the park:

Katy Green, Activity Ranger of Rouken Glen believes the renovations are definitely a reason behind the park’s recent rise in popularity:

“We renovated the visitor centre, did works up at the boating pond, the walled garden, put the new footpath in and the new play park.”

“I was also employed for that and that was to get more people to come and use the park and I definitely think it was successful. Our visitor numbers have gone up from 400,000 a year to nearly one million.”

“We always get amazing feedback about how good the boating pond is looking, the play park is always really busy and it has definitely been a huge success.”

If you want to see more of the park, here is a video showing exactly why Rouken Glen has been awarded as the best park in the UK for this year.


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