UWS students say never say never to Nap Pods

By Christopher Duffy

“Nap pods” for students at UWS? According to one student president: ‘Never say never’.

Students at Edinburgh University have recently called for nap pods to be installed at two of the university’s campus’.

In a bid to combat the problem of sleep deprivation, students want two of the so-called “nap pods” installed in their main library at George Square, and a further two installed at King’s Buildings.

A report that surveyed 1,500 students at the university found that about 93% of students felt that they did need a nap while they were on campus.

The idea of nap pods was then put to a vote at the student council meeting, with 53% of votes in favour of them.

Intrigued by the possibility of nap pods being introduced at University of the West of Sscotland campuses, and inspired by the students at Edinburgh University, uwsnewsroom had a quick chat to UWS Student Association President Heather Armstrong.

She said: “It’s certainly something that hasn’t been discussed by anyone here at the Student Association, and no students have brought them up either but never, say never.

“If it’s something that students want, then they can certainly come and speak to us about it.

“This is the first that I have ever heard about them, but yeah, I can definitely see the advantages in having them.

“They would enable students to take a break, and it’s good for students to have a quiet room that they can go to in general.”



The MetroNap EngeryPod, popularised by Google among its employees, is said to use NASA science in order to help people get their energy back when they need to catch some quick sleep.

It achieves this by surrounding the occupant in a private space, shutting out any external distractions, and reclines them in the best resting position possible to provide maximum blood flow throughout their body.

For those that like a bit of relaxing music to help them drift off to sleep, the EnergyPod also includes a built-in Bose music system.

You wouldn’t have to worry about missing any lectures by sleeping in though, as the timer system gently wakes the occupant by using light and vibration when it is time to get up.

Calum McGill, a second year Early Education & Childcare student at UWS’ Dumfries campus, said that he would more than welcome the idea of nap pods in his campus.

He said: “I don’t think it will ever happen, but I think that they would be great.

“There have been times when I’ve been up really late doing essays and assignments, and I’ve been absolutely shattered at uni the next day, so they would definitely help.

“I feel like I could probably do a lot more work if I could have a little nap between lectures for example.”




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