Think-tank calls for nationalisation of Network Rail

By Laura Maxwell

A recent think-tank has blamed over half of Scotland’s train delays on Network Rail and therefore calls for the company to be devolved to Scotland.

The think-tank by Reform Scotland has said the recommended move would “clear line of accountability when something goes wrong”.

The urge to delegate the public body company comes from the concluded 54% of delays caused by faults in Network Rail’s maintenance of rail structure. Reports included trains not running or arriving on time, journey’s skipping over stops in order to arrive on time and travel times taking a lot longer than equivalent journeys in England.

Tom Harris, an author of the report, said, “Reform Scotland believes that Network Rail in Scotland should be fully accountable to the Scottish Government, and that means it must be devolved.”

The final option was raised due to other options such as updating rails causing more problems.

Amongst recommendations from the report was the option to create a Scottish rail infrastructure commission and a call to “future-proof” rails by making them all double-track and electrified where possible.

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