Labour Face New Challenge As UKIP Elect Nuttall As New Leader

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

The recent election of Paul Nuttall to UKIP leader could result in a harrowing knock on effect to Labour in English seats.

Following the announcement that he would succeed Nigel Farage as leader of the ever-controversial party, Nuttall claimed that UKIP “have this fantastic opportunity, which we’ve never had before to this extent, to move into Labour working-class communities and mop up votes”.

The MEP for North West England has commissioned research that says that Labour could lose 14 seats if Mr Nuttall persuades just one in 50 of Labour’s voters to switch allegiance to UKIP. Nuttall has since said: “My ambition is not insignificant: I want to replace the Labour party and make UKIP the patriotic voice of working people.”

This news is a surprise to no one following the elimination of Labour in Scotland during the 2015 General Election where SNP won all but 3 seats in the country. The result lead to a meltdown in the party that has went through two leadership elections in the space of a year, both being won by Jeremy Corbyn by a landslide.

The MEP for North West England has already laid out plans for what the future holds for UKIP post Brexit as he hopes to shift the party into a direction that will make them “the party of common sense”. This is something that his predecessor Dianne James failed to do due to her short-lived career as leader for only 18 days. She has since then quit UKIP though wishes the party “all the best”.


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