The Scottish View on the Abortion Policies of Clinton and Trump

By Olivia Ogilvie

During their US election campaigns, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have shown some very different views on various topics. A particular policy that has been largely highlighted throughout most of the campaign is abortion.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is a supporter of “pro choice” in which she believes a woman should have the right to choose what they do with their bodies. Clinton is in favour of late pregnancy regulation in the exception of the life and health of the mother.

Eva Murray, co-founder of Scotland for Hillary believes that Hillary’s policy on abortion is one that makes her the firm choice to become the next American president,

“We’ve seen that with Obama already with Inequality issues same sex marriage and abortion laws, we never thought America would get to that point but I believe Hillary believes stronger in issues like that and I think America will become a much more fair and equal country with a great relationship with the rest of the world if Hillary is made president.”

Republican candidate Donald Trump in 1999 described himself as considerably “pro choice” since then he has changed his views. In March 2016 Trump now stands in the position of “pro-life.”

Ceris Aston, Engender spokesperson, said:

“Engender works to advance women’s equality in Scotland, so we’ve kept up with the coverage of the US election.

“It’s been an interesting cycle for abortion as a policy issue. Donald Trump has broken with convention and expressed the view that, contrary to international human rights law and all good sense, women who access abortion healthcare should be punished.

“Secretary Clinton, on the other hand, has broadly committed to expanding women’s access to reproductive healthcare, including scrapping the Hyde Amendment that prohibits federal dollars being spent on abortion healthcare.

“The US’s policy approach to abortion drives spending on reproductive healthcare in aid and development contexts. For that reason, and for the reproductive rights of women in the United States, we want to see President Hillary Clinton behind the Resolute desk come January 2017.”

Abortion has been a highly controversial issue in America throughout the election campaign with the two main parties clearly having contrasting views, it’s now up to America to decide who’s policies are the right ones.

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