Election candidates Scottish links

By Amy Mcghee

THE 2016 American presidential race has been one of the most controversial campaigns in history. Both candidates have very different opinions, but what they do have in common is there links to Scotland.

Republican candidate, Donald Trump has a Scottish born mother, Mary Anne MacLeod.

Donald Trump: “It’s interesting when your mother – who was such a fantastic woman- comes from a specific location, you tend to like that location. I think I do feel Scottish.”

Hillary Clinton’s link to Scotland is less known. Her great-great-great-great-great grandfather was Lieutenant George MacDougall who was born in Argyll and Bute in 1739. Although her very weak link to the country, she has in the past discussed Scotland’s political decisions.

Speaking to journalist Jeremy Paxman before Scotland’s 2014 Independence vote. She said, “I would hate to have you lose Scotland.”

Meanwhile, Trump is a billionaire who has some very successful businesses, such as golf courses. Two of these prestigious golf clubs are located in Scotland.

He believes “I have done so much for Scotland, including building Trump International Golf Links Scotland, which has received the highest accolades.”

So, as the result of the election plays out, only time will tell who the next President of the United States will be and only time will tell how Scotland’s relationship with America will be affected.

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