Granny Mania runs wild on Facebook

By Dean Robertson

Facebook fell in love with an inspirational great granny over the weekend after her daughter posted her amazing story online.

Cathy Dalby Anderson posted a picture of her mother (Cathy “The Legend” Anderson) on the Scottish Run event page along with her inspirational story.

She revealed that her 76-year-old mother had run in a number of Scottish marathons since she retired 16 years ago.

Cathy wrote: “This is my wee maw Cathy the legend Anderson age 76. She started running when she retired at 60 years old.

“She has ran every women’s 10k and every Glasgow half marathon since then.

“She ran the whole 26 miles of the Edinburgh marathon in 2012 at the age of 72.

“She inspires us as a family so much hence the title ‘Legend’.

“She ran in the family fun mile yesterday with myself and two of her great grandchildren Ava and Daisy Harbour.

“If you see her today in the passing give her a cheer it will make her day.”

Within hours of the picture being posted to Facebook it had been shared hundreds of times and has now racked up thousands of likes.

More than 400 people have now commented on the picture with many saying how much of an inspiration she is to them.

Claire Doyle said: “What an amazing lady you are Cathy, I didn’t see you but well done, love this story xx”

While Mary Montague wrote: “You are an amazing lady Cathy. Well done to you. Amazing.”

Anne-Marie Lawire: “Omg amazing lady inspiration and hope to all luv your story…keep on running.”

Rae Dicenta also commented saying: “I am also an Anderson. Retired last year at 60 and have also started to run. Your story has given me such inspiration.”

Cathy also revealed her mother had recently taken part in a heart-stopping sky dive to raise money for charity.

She wrote: “She also did a sky dive last month to raise funds for Brain Tumor research as her eldest granddaughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2014.”


The original post can be viewed here:


A Facebook page has also been set up to honor Cathy and it can be liked here:


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