Ayr RFC Ladies get on board with Women’s Sports Week

Christopher Doyle

Women’s Sports Week (WSW) kicks off this week around Scotland in the hope to get more women involved in playing sport.

Whether it is playing, coaching or volunteering, clubs and organisations in Scotland are all working together to raise awareness for gender equality in sport.

Scottish Rugby is one of the many sports that have set up programmes and events throughout the week to get more women participating in sport.

Ayr Ladies rugby is one of the clubs trying to improve that number with their ‘give rugby a go’ session held last night in Millbrae.

The club were encouraging women who had never tried the sport to bring a friend with them along for a free session.


Phoebe McDowall, the Vice Captain of Ayr Ladies said the event was a great success increasing the awareness of women’s rugby.

“It was mostly the basics, learning what you do in rugby as most of the girls had never played rugby before. There was almost 40 of us which was a great turnout.”

Phoebe believes WSW has had a significant impact on getting more women involved in Scottish rugby and having a week dedicated to the issue has improved the condition of women’s sport dramatically.

“There was not much funding going into it before, but now Scottish rugby is really focusing on that for the next few years. There has been such a big boom in women’s sport and Women’s Sports Week has really helped that”.

The focus is specifically on the younger generation as research highlights that only 41% of girls aged 13 to 15 in Scotland meet the target of an hour’s physical activity a day.

Phoebe thinks it is very beneficial to get girls playing sport at a young age no matter what sport it is.

“It’s great getting them in at such a young age as it means they already have those advanced skills if they reach a senior level.

“Playing a sport is a really good thing, you get friends out of it, it’s great team building and you take so much away from it”.

WSW has plenty more to offer this week with rugby clubs all around Scotland hosting various free events to help further the cause of getting women involved in sport.


Make sure you check them out!



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