Peak time train fares rumbling Scottish students

BY Robert Mclean

Students travelling to Ayrshire are being massively impacted by the price of travel in the current financial climate, There has been a number of advertisements ScotRail have run over the recent months stating why travelling by rail is the best mode of transport for students to and from Ayr to Glasgow. 

Financially this has not been the case the current price of travel within peak times is £17.10 which impacts your travel before 9am after 9am the price is decreased to £11.70 this majorly impacts students, some students from the University of West of Scotland comment on the current crisis. 

Most students are paying high rates on the rail services to get to university on time if they’re not able to pay a peak fare of £17.10 they risk being late and paying £11.70 off-peak price which affects their attendance. 

The feeling amongst students is that there should be much more help and guidance on how to cut the price of travel by rail to and from university, there isn’t much guidance on this matter as students are not aware of the current rail pass you can receive if you are 16-25 years of age or you are a mature student and study more than 20 hours per week.

ScotRail replied by stating that 16-25 year olds and students of any age can travel on the train with 1/3 off the price if you pay a payment of £30 per year or £70 for three years. you will have to have proof of study and also study more than 20hrs per week but students who don’t study 20 or more hours per week are not entitled.

The feeling is that all students should get this benefit no matter how many hours of study they are doing per week.

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