Humza: I’m the candidate that can unite people and the ‘Yes’ movement

By Will Brown

SNP leadership candidate Humza Yousaf has said his campaign of ‘positive messages’ is one that can unite the party and independence movement.

This comes following statements from his opponent, Finance Minister Kate Forbes, that her faith means she believes children should be born inside a marriage.

Mr Yousaf said while he respects Ms Forbes and believes she is capable, he has more experience to lead the party. He said, “We’ve got to be able to bring people together but in terms of the views Kate has expressed, they’re really for her to answer”.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland Good Morning Scotland programme, Ms Forbes said: “Equal marriage is a legal right, and as a servant of democracy, rather than a dictator, I absolutely respect and defend that democratic right.”

Mr Yousaf and Ms Forbes are two of three candidates for the leadership, along with Ash Regan who served as Minister of Community Safety from 2018 until 2022 were she stepped down in a protest over the Gender Recognition Reform Bill

Clip courtesy of Lewis McKenzie

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