The Captivating Two Birds Gym In Glasgow

In Glasgow, best known for inventing television, the Two Birds boutique fitness gym continues to support the health wellbeing of many people. In the depths of the pandemic, where many gym businesses worldwide went closed down, the existence of fitness brands looked bleak. However, the Two Birds gym survived and even grew its numbers. 

The boutique gym is one of a kind and combines fitness with business networking. Clients, therefore, get the opportunity to make connections while burning calories. The concept “two birds” is thus put to practice in such a case where customers gain from the intense workouts and the business opportunities presented by the environment. 

According to GlasgowLive, the head coach Daniel Stevenson stated that the facility has helped members improve their health and wellbeing. He added that balance is fundamental to a fit lifestyle, and persons that make time for exercise perform better and are happier. The coach has a loyal following due to his motivational group training classes and one-on-one sessions.     

The fitness center creates a perfect environment that helps members have fun and create valuable connections while remaining healthy. Two Birds gym has state-of-the-art cardio equipment, heart rate tracking technology, and smart wearable devices. Boxing equipment and high-quality free weights are also available in the gymnasium. The utilization of the rooftop space available to the business is an added advantage, mainly due to the challenging pandemic situation.  

Some of the benefits that clients can accrue from Two Birds fitness studio include high-intensity interval training, yoga, resistance, and personal training. Workouts that can build lean muscles while achieving the anticipated results are also emphasized. All the achievements are offered to gym enthusiasts in a supportive community environment. Most of the clients have remained loyal after a few training sessions. 

Two Birds is located at 54 Washington Street inside the Axiom building. The family business, founded by brothers Daniel and Greg and their father Neil, has embraced the sense of community by encouraging customers to bring along their dogs. Inside the studios, dogs are a common sight, and they cheer up their owners as they train. Entrepreneurship runs in the family, and the family patriarch Neil is recognized for founding Transition Extreme Sports, a multimillion-pound enterprise. The business helps young ones transition to adulthood.  

For diversification purposes, Two Birds has developed cold blended coffee, vitamin-enriched drinks, cold mint green tea, and an espresso martini cocktail kit which have grown in popularity among the clients. The coaches at the facility who are keen to promote these drinks are motivating but demand exceptional results. While promoting a scientifically established calorific afterburn, the trainers ensure working at an optimum heart rate zone throughout the sessions.

According to Bark.com, a web-based services marketplace, Two Birds has a five-star rating after twenty-three reviews. Most of the reviewers attribute the success of the fitness studio to a friendly and welcoming environment that complements their other activities, such as cycling and running. The other praises go to the able, friendly, and committed coaches. 

Two Birds offers various membership packages. The online package is offered via zoom and includes yoga sessions, meditation, and mobility sequences. The core membership package involves group sessions that range from thirty to forty-five minutes. Other packages include the unlimited membership package and the 14-day trial membership. The former offers exclusive services, while the latter is meant for persons who want to test the waters. 

For the best gym experience, find Two Birds at www.twobirdslife.co.uk

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