GVVT get “Back on the Road” with first Open Sunday event of 2022

By Peter Quinn

The Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust is welcoming visitors for the first “Open Sunday” of the year this week, on April 3. Their garage in Bridgeton, Glasgow will be open to visitors for tours throughout the day, allowing the public to explore their collection of almost 150 renovated historical vehicles.

From buses to fire engines, the range of vehicles from several decades provides plenty for the paying public to enjoy. As the number of renovated vehicles on site continues to grow, more and more customers are flocking to Bridgeton and the venue is fast becoming a truly popular tourist attraction in Glasgow.

Another distinguishing feature of GVVT operations is their association with the Back on the Road work programme. The Trust provides opportunities for those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions to gain some work experience, with the intention of providing them with skills and experience which could help them get back into work.

GVVT project supervisor Gordon Kerr described the programme to UWS News:

“Back on the Road is designed to support people in their recovery from addiction through a work programme. We take referrals from the community health and care sectors and we provide a work placement for them. During that process, we hope to restore a vintage commercial vehicle.”

Gordon Kerr, Project Supervisor

“The Trust has a social inclusion programme,” Mr Kerr continued. “Through the council, they have to include social inclusion within their facilities [in order] to get the bank loan from Nat West. The Trust has always had a social inclusion programme here and it was part of the fabric of the facility here. Scotland Against Drugs developed the system we have, initially back in 2002.”

With a significant impact through the Back on the Road programme, as well as the spectacle provided by the ever-growing array of restored vehicles, the GVVT is truly becoming a fulcrum of the local community in a variety of ways.

Tickets to the Open Sunday events can be bought in advance or on the door.

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