Flu Vaccines and COVID-19 Booster jabs key to winter survival

by Akindele Matthews

The NHS has since the beginning of October embark on processes to get people vaccinated against flu and COVID-19. They have been a series of invitation letters written out to the aged and young people to come to Clinics here in Glasgow in order to get the flu vaccine and also COVID-19 booster Jabs.  

Speaking to one of the aged vaccinated at the Easter house vaccination centre. An elderly woman 65, Miss Adebimpe Ogunbanwo shared her experience on the accessibility of the vaccines and the after effect which she said was normal and without any adverse reaction. She said: “People should take the vaccine, it is good and beneficial to us as the winter approaches”.

The vaccination was important as it was believed that the immunity of this targeted age range must have dropped and as the winter sets in, it is very important for residents to get vaccinated against any harsh or adverse effect the winter might come with.

Graham Campbell, a councillor of Springburn/Robroyston ward 17. Who is also passionate about the wellbeing of the people of Glasgow also gave his voice to encourage the people to make the vaccination a priority to ensure adequate protection of their lives just as the winter is about setting in.

 “We know that in normal time before COVID, flu will kill over 11,000 people every year in the UK, that is about less a thousand in Scotland. Getting vaccinated against flu, you know is very important”, he said.

“Getting vaccinated against flu, you know is very important.”

– Graham Campbell

People aged 60 to 69 and adults aged 16 and over with underlying health conditions have been advised to take the ongoing vaccination in the Community clinics in Glasgow serious as this is key to surviving the coming winter. In the Vaccination centre in Easter House, people are seen going in and out as they are being vaccinated against flu and also to take COVID-19 Booster if eligible.

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