Two Birds Fitness: Actively locking out COVID

By Chris Dodds

When Covid-19 hit the UK in early 2019 business owners up and down the country were left staring at the edge of a cliff wondering as to what would happen next, many failed to return.

Not all businesses fell by the wayside however, as TwoBirds Fitness looked to break the mould and come up with new and innovative ways to keep their heads above the water through keeping clients happy and healthy during the lockdown. 

Speaking with Christopher Dodds, TwoBirds Owner Danny Stevenson revealed that he used his initiative to carry out classes in public parks as well as using the roof space of his gym to get clients the mental and physical rest bite they needed. 

He explained 

“I think people will be keener to come to more places like TwoBirds, which is a more local and community-based gym as opposed to a commercial gym now that we’re, touch wood, away from lockdown situations. 

“I think people are becoming more receptive to supporting local as well, you’ll find that Glasgow has so many brilliant independent gym’s that are extremely popular. 

“I’ve saw a lot of folk who have trained at commercial gyms before lockdown change their approach and come to more independent faciltites which is pleasing to see. 

“I was very vocal about the way that the fitness sector was opened back up, we all love a pint but the fact we couldn’t go to the gym, exercise and see people baffled me. 

“I think it’s so important for people’s mental health to go out and exercise and interact with people so thankfully we’re allowed back in now and it’s like we’ve never been away.” 

The Fitness fanatic admitted that TwoBirds might not have been the same had it not been for it’s members who kept their memberships running throughout the pandemic. 

Danny added: 

“We’re stubborn buggers, myself, my Dad and my Brother – we were a bit relentless to find a way to make TwoBirds Fitness work. 

“I had weights in the back of my car, and we would be running sessions in Kelvingrove or Glasgow Green in eight inches of snow or doing sessions up on the roof of our building all socially distant. 

“In the beginning we only had something like 20% of our members pausing their membership due to the lockdown, so we had people keeping their memberships running over the course of the lockdown and without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. 

Here what TwoBirds Fitness instructor Katy Ivory had to say below:

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