Glasgow city council

Glasgow is all set to host the COP26; Views and Expectations (by George K J)

COP26 Logo by the UN

Glasgow is all set to host the upcoming COP26. The UK will host the 26th Climate Change Conference in October 31st. There are concerns around the world regarding the fast changing climate around the globe. According to Scott Bevan, a green party member and journalist, it is capitalism versus the planet. He had spoken to the UWS News today morning. The news team also spoke to Mr. Richard Bell and discussed about greenwashing.

Richard Bell

Richard Bell said to our news room during a remote press conference that it is necessary to be a clearer rhetoric atmosphere. He wishes people to understand the changes and why are they implemented. He is agrees with Scott in matters of green-washing. But he also said

“if  an organization wants to give the city or the government money because that will make them look good- I am happy to take the money”

Scott Bevan

Scott more deeply said about the need of a change in the system as well as changes in individual practices to protect the nature. According to Scott, the COP26 is a beginning not an end to humanity. he really hopes that the summit will bring up new ideas and solutions to the fast paced climate changes occurring these days. He believes that the system has to be changed in order to protect the nature we live in.

The whole UK and especially Scotland is all ready to host the event and began to welcome guests.

It is about a system change fundamentally. Neo- liberal capitalism created this problem but neo- liberal capitalism can not end this problem. COP26 is a beginning and not an end.

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