Could We See VAR In Scottish Football?

By Scott Bradley

On the 8th of October earlier this month, SPFL clubs met to discuss the prospect of bringing VAR into Scottish football. Kosovo, Thailand and Morocco all have VAR in their top-division football, but Scotland does not.

SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said the SPFL clubs are ‘overwhelmingly positive’ and hope it can be introduced into the Scottish game as soon as it is “practically possible.” March last year, Doncaster feared it would damage the top flights brand and had concerns financially about it impacting the game.

Since it was introduced to football, it has always sparked debate amongst the football world. Former Celtic Captain Scott Brown said it was “killing the game” and would not want it anywhere near Scottish football.

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard said VAR did not work in their 2-0 Europa League victory over Brondby.

Steven Gerrard’s post-match interview after his sides 2-0 victory

Celtic Down Under writer Jacob Toland believes more time should be spent on aiming to improve the standard of refereeing:

“Scotland is already suffering from a very poor pool of refereeing, who don’t even work full-time. I think we should be focusing more time and resources on producing a high standard of refereeing.”

Toland also thinks the SFA will have their issues getting it in place and for it to work properly in the Scottish game:

“You only have to look at how long it’s taken UEFA and FIFA to perfect their VAR systems to see that the SFA will have problems getting it in place.”

ScotScore Podcast contributor Joe Gallacher believes the finances involved could hinder the chances of it being introduced but does welcome the idea of it being brought in. He said: “There is a glaring issue with referees and their decisions in Scotland, with a new talking point every week it seems. Anything to help negate this issue would be welcome in Scottish football. That said, the finances for it to be implemented might prove to be a huge stumbling block.”

All 42 clubs will be having a vote at the new year to decide on to bring it in.

Rangers performance analyst Gordon Scanlan believes it is now necessary for Scottish football to have VAR. Listen to his thoughts below.

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