Ayr explosion reaction: community care for animals affected and missing pets

By Norbert Salat and Peter Quinn

The evening of October 18, two houses in Ayr exploded due to a suspected gas leak. The tragic event has affected many neighbouring households in the area, and it wasn’t just the people who were in shock. We spoke to the secretary of the Kincaidston community centre, Scott Devin (34), who described the community’s co-operative efforts.

Kincaidston community centre & bowling club

Although it is unconfirmed whether any pets were killed in the explosions, the 34-year old says there were pets which ran away from home following the blast, and many of them remain yet to be located. Mr Devin suggests many of the animals in question are most likely “hiding behind people’s sheds”. Pets at home, Vets4Pets and the RSPCA (Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) have advised the locals to leave some food out in their yards overnight if possible, as many of the missing animals are “bound to turn up at some point”.

There has also been a joint effort to care for those families who own pets, but were forced to leave their homes while the necessary repair work has been carried out. The community centre secretary explains how local businesses were quick to help and offer their services. In normal circumstances Mercure Ayr Hotel, and the local Travelodge are two hotels which do not allow dogs. However, when pet-owners had no choice but to leave their homes behind, both companies were happy to welcome the families and their fur babies.

If you would like to help those affected, you can do so by donating at this JustGiving page.

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