Manchester United physio Luke Lawrence opens on how was so unique and different training during lockdown

by Salvatore Boemi

Lawrence during his training days

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone all over the world in many ways.

The football industry has been hugely impacted like no other, and it is not a secret that footballers, coaches and members of staff have struggled to find the right motivation and balance since lockdown was announced, back to March 2020.

Luke Lawrence, a physiotherapist at Manchester United Academy opens about how lockdown was so ‘unique and different’ in a football environment and how the longer duration of the lockdown ‘cancelled the Youth Team League.’

He said: ‘Whenever that happens coaches come to me and say let us make sure we have some personal programmes for the players to do at home, home-based and a fitness programme.’

From March until the end of July the struggle was real and training at home was not the best-case scenario to improve strength and abilities for footballers, regardless of the supportive technologies that members of the staff and coaches could all benefit from it.

He said: ‘When we had the preseason 2020-201, we had four/five weeks of doing nothing, in and off, like a normal season because we found out that the Youth League was cancelled and we do a pre-season at home.’

Luke Lawrence at Manchester United Carrington Center

Here you can find the full interview:

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