“Right hen, get yersel up!” TikTok got me through lockdown – Lauren Primrose

By Kiana Greenan

25-year-old, Lauren Primrose @weeprimm from Glasgow was left unemployed due to the pandemic last year. Like many people lockdown massively impacted her mental health. A combination of unemployment and isolation left her looking for something to get up for in the morning.

She began posting daily vlogs on TikTok in June 2020 she now has 46K followers on the social media app as well as a growing YouTube channel.

“It encourages me to get up a do stuff”  

Something lockown has pushed us all off, is a routine. This is something Lauren has found TikTok has helped her with. Lauren started off posting daily vlogs with her mum. Going around doing “stuff everyone does”. She starts her vlogs with, “Right hen, get yersel up!”. It was these posts that gained her popularity on the social media app.

Lauren never planned to become a creator on TikTok and remains humble that her main goal on the app is to encourage others to get up and fight their personal daily battles. She wants to show young people that there is more to life than just going out drinking, and motives them to stay on the right tracks. 

“My goal is to try and encourage younger generations theres more to life than just going out and going down the wrong path in life” 

Interview with Lauren Primrose.

She has also found employment through TikTok. Showing how powerful social media apps can be. 

“It has really helped me get through the lockdown, I even got offered my job through TikTok, the new job I got the woman found me on TikTok and asked me to come in for an interview” 

She has never been afraid of discussing her own battles. Lauren admits to her followers when she isn’t in a great place and tries to always be open and audience.  

“These young people look up to me, a lot of my followers are young kids so if I do have a hard day or I can’t be bothered, or I don’t want to get out of bed I just need to remember I’m inspiring other people.” 

Social media apps can be a toxic and negative place, especially for young people. With lockdown it is one of the only things people can still access and treat like normal. 

TikTok is not excluded from this, and Lauren highlights that she wants to show a realistic life to her followers. She puts daily vlogs up even if she is just going to the supermarket with her mum. She also posts realistic ‘what I eat in a day’ without any mention of calories or diet.  

“Someone said to me in the live tonight ‘my daughters 14 and I’m glad it’s someone like you she looks up to’.” 

Lauren is looking forward to starting her new job once lockdown is over, however will continue to post content on YouTube and TikTok to inspire others.

“I get messages from people saying you are really getting me through my hard times even just watching your videos makes me smile – that’s what keeps me motivated”  

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