How Covid is affecting the people within hospitality.

The West Kirk – JD Wetherspoons, Ayr Town Centre

By Colin Falconer

As we approach a time where the hospitality sector is usually booming with business, 2020 provides a stark contrast in it’s view compared to previous years.

It’s a time of year that people in hospitality always dread.

Open later, left later to clean and you’re not tipped as well because

Christmas parties are normally pre-paid.

Rosie Bailey

With changing tiers making little to no difference to the restrictions that are imposed the holiday season is set to be a trying time for those who are now unable to work where they would normally be worked to the point of exhaustion.

Hospitality Short Video
Marston’s Chief Executive – Ralph Findlay.
Photo Credit: PA Media

As of this morning, Marston’s Pubs recorded pre-tax losses of £397.1 million, which has risen from just £20.1 million from the previous year. Despite the pre-tax losses the company are confident that they are in a great position to benefit from the trends that will inevitably follow post-covid.
With 28 different pub locations across Scotland this is a very pressing issue that could affect many Scot’s working in these venues, I have reached out to Marston’s regarding this but have yet to receive a reply.

It’s not only pub chains who are struggling this year, the struggle ranges from chains to independent venues and also the people who work throughout the industry. Local South Ayrshire DJ Mark Jewell is one of those individuals that has been adversely affected by Covid-19, especially over this festive period.

I had a notification through Facebook memories, last December I had 32 gigs in the space of 31 days with 5/6 days off.
This year I have nothing.

DJ Mark Jewell

He displayed the contrast in his earnings between the one year period and with the self-employed income support level 3 he is making 20% of what he made the year previously. Especially as he discusses leaving his full-time job a year and a half before to follow his dream job being in the entertainment industry as well as pursuing a full-time college course in Photography as a mature student.

Rosie Bailey a 24 year old Head Barista from South London, who has worked her way through the ranks in the hospitality industry through the kitchen to front of house is also not a fan of the hospitality restrictions.

I think it’s wrong and disgusting the way they have treated the people.

I have been trying all year to find sense, not to start a debate,

just because I actually want to know what is happening.

Rosie Bailey – Barista, London

Rosie speaks very passionately about her experience of working within a shell of the industry that she has been a part of since she was 17 and how Covid is affecting the industry in the lead up to Christmas.

With Mitchells & Butler’s the owners of venues such as Miller & Carters and All Bar One announcing 1300 jobs were to be cut 2 weeks ago, there is a great deal of uncertainty in the hospitality industry. The struggle at this time of year is hard enough however for those employed in the hospitality sector many of which who are currently on the governments furlough scheme it provides a time of uncertainty as to whether they will be able to go back to work at the beginning of next year.

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