Abbie Little: Football Saved For Another Day


LIKE saving a shot on goal Abbie Little has put football on hold while she settles into her studies and a new home. 

The former Ayr United Women’s goalkeeper moved back to her hometown Aberdeen over the summer while university was finished. Now she is back in her fourth year at the University of the West of Scotland, she has found herself with a new place to live In Glasgow. 

Goalkeeper Abbie at Ayr United Women’s team

Asked Whether she planned to get back into football with the new season on the horizon, Abbie, 21, said: “Football is on hold for the moment, which is so unfortunate as I’ve got all the time in the world, with nothing else to do.

“I think I will definitely have to leave it a while though because the teams are already set up and ready for the season. I have recently just moved to Glasgow and I don’t really know anyone here or any teams.”

Even without a pandemic moving can be a lot for people and the shot-stopper is in no rush to get involved in any pastimes. 

She said: “I was settled in Ayr and this has thrown me off a little bit. I haven’t even looked into it, especially starting back in fourth year at UWS, I wanted to see where I stood before jumping into another hobby.

“It is a lot of commitment and I don’t think a lot of people realise that with women’s football, we still train two or three days a week, we still give up our weekends and there’s obviously no money involved.”

Abbie added: “There’s no money for travel, and if I was going to go back to Ayr it was going to cost a fortune in petrol, which is why I turned down that option.”

Below Abbie talks about how she has got on throughout the restrictions put in place throughout the pandemic.

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