Trump Or Biden?

By Arooj Malik

Republicans or Democrats, Trump or Biden is there a difference?

Today the fate of America will be determined once again- will the country decide on Trump for another term or will they go for the once vice-president of Barak Obama for eight years, Joe Biden. The elections have caused a stir around the country and the whole world. Americans are dealing with this years elections extremely passionately with one half whole-heartedly supporting Trump in order to try and ‘make America great again’ whilst the other half are hoping for a better America with Biden.

With the worldwide coronavirus pandemic that made voting difficult with a lot of polling stations closed, however more than 99 million Americans voted early in the presidential election, this in itself surpasses the total number of early ballots cast in 2016 election, in which 138 million Americans voted overall.

What is the difference between Trump and Biden, some argue a lot many argue there is not much difference at least with Trump is it what you see is what you get.

Republicans do not have any sort of fears when it comes to expressing their views openly with the President of American openly being racist, xenophobic and having absolute no regards towards the lives and emotions of others.

Trump has shown his racist various times throughout his campaigns and even through the use of his twitter. “During the debate, Mr Trump questioned whether Mr Biden would have won the Democratic nomination if senator Elizabeth Warren had not dropped out the race, and called her ‘Pocahontas’ while doing so.” James Crump writes. Trump further goes onto even renaming the coronavirus pandemic as the ‘China Virus’.   

On the other hand, you have the democrats headed by Joe Biden, they are publicly in support with the Black Lives Movement, the LLGBQT + Community which helps them gain a lot of support from different races and communities throughout America. Democrats have tried there hardest to get the Latino vote in Arizona with sending a brass band and a group of mariachi musicians marching through the streets of Phoenix as part of a last-minute drive to get the vote. Biden went ahead with this due to the fact that although Trump had made racists remarks towards the Latino community such as ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals’ he still has many supporters. Caitlin Montoya tells Sky news “there is a familiar divide within the Latino community in Phoenix. There’s a lot of Conservative Hispanics, it is prominent in the Catholic culture.”

However looking at both the sides I believe that there is not much difference whether you support certain movements or not when the intention is always to attack other countries in order to try and stay the most powerful country in the world.

‘Joe Biden championed the Iraq war will that come back to haunt him now?’ The Guardian headline, which was published in February 2020, is still relevant this month specifically during this time of the elections.

Joe Biden in 2002 had not only voted in favor for the Iraq invasion but he had also helped lead the war. But, many will choose to ignore that or slide past it because it was 18 years ago right? However, under the presidency of Barak Obama, USA dropped 20,000 bombs in foreign countries, which included Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen. Yemen, being the country that is now on the brink of extinction. This puts Biden under a lot of scrutiny as just by saying ‘inshallah’ (Arabic word for God willing) during his campaign does not make him a supporter of Muslims around the world especially in Middle East in the countries that are continuously being attacked for their oils and riches.

Biden has a lot of support from many celebrities around the country names such as Robert  De- Niro, John Legend, Lady Gaga with the later even joining him for his rally today in Pittsburgh.  This immediately would give him the support of the fans of the celebrities.

No one wants to recognize the innocent blood of the Middle Eastern civilians that has been shed for years for absolute no reason other than Americas’ greed to stay rich.  Many that are supporting Biden are hoping to blur that bloodshed from history maybe because the blood of those civilians is cheap to them however it is not to the mothers, wives and the children of those who were targeted by the air strikes. 

America now fears for the future of the country with whatever the result whether it may be Donald Trump or Joe Biden there will be chaos, mayhem and anarchy in the streets of USA and the people of the country have nothing to do but mentally and physically prepare themselves for that.

Alex Ward writes for Vox “In the final presidential debate, Biden did warn that US was about to ‘go into a dark winter’ due to Trump’s failed response to the coronavirus pandemic, adding that Trump ‘has no clear plan and there’s no prospect that there’s going to be a vaccine available for the majority of the American people before the middle of next year.”

From federal and local law enforcement to analysts who track radical groups, concern is high about possibility of violence. The country could potentially go into a civil war with the right wing always armed with weapons and have strong conservative views that they will try to throw onto others. The aftermath of the elections is something we can only hope does not happen however we have to wait and see especially if the votes count drags on for days without a clear winner.

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