FA Youth Cup

From Player to Coach


Former Manchester City Youth winner Greg Hartley becomes First team coach at Oldham Athletic.

Twelve years have passed since Greg Hartley won the FA Youth Cup with Manchester City, beating Chelsea in a 4-2 aggregate win. Now having travelled to the U.S to play with teams such as Chattanooga and Red Wolves, he now finds himself as First Team Goalkeeper Coach at Oldham Athletic.

Being asked how special a moment it was to win the FA Youth Cup, Hartley said: ” It’s one of the biggest accolades I’ve got. Especially with that team full of Premier League players from your Bentleys to Kieran Trippier, it was a special moment.”

Hartley went on to describe how he had to adapt from being a player to coach with trying to motivate your players.

“You have to manage people differently especially as a coach or manager you have to understand your players. Especially if some players are after different things. Whereas when I was a player it was more one way, you knew your players trusted you and that I could trust them and whichever way you reacted they would react the same way.”

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