Sunny’s Story.

by Regan Kelly.

Hailing from a small village in south east Germany, Sandrine moved to Scotland four years ago. The main reason for coming here was to study the Sports Journalism course at UWS. Due to her study at undergraduate level, she has some first hand experience in a journalism course along with the facilities at UWS. While doing her undergraduate course, she claims to have enjoyed the news room aspect involved with the course. Going on to say that, ” It gave me a real sense of working as a journalist, with working to deadlines and agendas etc.” she elaborates by saying ” I think that this gave me a good professional basis to work with.”

Rather than be inspired by individual people, Sandrine tends to take inspiration from individual pieces of Journalism, something that i can relate to. Prior to her undergrad she had the mindset of “wanting to make a hobby, a profession”, although while studying her perception of this changed, leading to her undertaking the Broadcast Journalism MA.

Sandrine also has some interesting experience in Journalism outside of education. She has been working in media with Ayr United for four years; along with this she works with the World Curling Federation as a social media editor in major events. whats-more on top of this she also reports for a Motorsport website. https://motorsport.radio/

Quite impressive to say the least. Needless to say Sandrine is a talented and experienced Journalist, clearly loving what she does. No doubt she has an impressive career ahead of her.

See more from Sandrine here:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunnyWyrich_


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