Student Life During a Pandemic with Evann Clelland

By Leigh Taylor

One of the biggest adjustments (amongst many) during the COVID pandemic has been student life and finding the ‘new normal’, i.e. Zoom calls becoming the new lecture halls, and daily commutes seeming like a distant memory.

Evann Clelland has just started 4th Year of her Journalism course at University of the West of Scotland. Typically held at the Ayr campus, the course is now having to adapt to the turbulent times and is making use of platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams and having work take on a more remote approach.

As for how the pandemic has affected her, Evann said:

“I coped quite well with it because I was still working at the time. The rest of my family were all locked down. I was still the only person going in and out so at least I got to leave”.

A particular worry amongst students is what their career prospects will look like with a potential economic crash likely and the fight for jobs being tougher than ever. Evann has been considering this and thinking of what path may be best. She said:

“I think there’s going to be a lot less jobs now; I don’t think I’ll immediately get a journalist job or anything like that. I’ve been looking into other careers lately, post-graduate degrees and stuff like that.

I’m not putting all my hopes on being a journalist these days. I’m working towards something else”.

Students looking for support during this time can access information and guidance from the Scottish Government as well as the student mental health charity Student Minds.

Evann was put in the hot-seat and answered some quick-fire questions. Check it out below!

Evann opened up about her life as a student during COVID times. Hear what she had to say below.

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