Keeping Fit During Self-Isolation: The Funktional Way

In times of panic, worry and concern; there’s one East Kilbride gym doing their bit in making sure people can get their fitness fix.

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely taken over the United Kingdom. The country has come to a shuddering halt, as many businesses including the likes of restaurants, retail outlets and gyms, have closed their doors due to overwhelming health concerns.

The result of this epidemic has led millions into self-isolation and social distancing, a venture that is essential in ensuring the containment of this virus.

Although this has been the downfall for many businesses across the UK, Funktional Fitness Training in East Kilbride are making sure that their clients can keep on top of their physical lifestyle, alongside offering mental support during these times of isolation.

This is through the brand new ‘Online Academy’, which allows members and non-members the chance to sign up and receive live daily workouts, a tailored calorie target, calorie-counted meal plans, an exercise library with a range of workout videos and an assigned coach to check in on your progress.

This online platform was developed and spearheaded by owner and personal trainer Kris McSherry, who believes that keeping level-minded and on top of both your physical and mental health is incredibly important during these times:

It’s difficult for people who have been used to going to the gym or work to then find themselves losing that daily interaction with people. Most of us interact with people every day, so for us it’s trying to maintain that sense of community and belonging with this online academy. Maintaining people’s mental health is just as important as the physical side right now. So, if we can get people active and healthy from the comfort of their own home, alongside adding a bit more purpose and routine to their day then I think that would be very successful.

Funktional Fitness team (McSherry third from left – back row)

With gyms across the UK closing their doors in these desperate times, Funktional boasts eight skilled personal trainers, who have all committed and reshaped their practices in order to adapt to an online platform:

The online academy is essentially an online community for members and non-members of Funktional Fitness. People who sign up will have access to two live workouts per-day (Monday – Friday), loads of mobility routines, motivational posts, live feeds including question and answer sessions, nutrition protocol to follow every day, a calorie-counted 28 day meal plan and recipe packs. Also, they get access to one of our top coaches, who will be available for weekly check-ins, being available to answer any questions alongside offering tips and support to anyone who needs it.

One of the top coaches in question is Livingston midfielder Chris Erskine, who is currently balancing both his football and personal training.

Erskine, who has made ten league appearances for Livingston this season, is adamant that the online academy can be incredibly beneficial:

We’ve got eight personal trainers in place, who’s job is to make sure clients are keeping healthy and fit whilst we are under lockdown. It’s important to stay fit and healthy during the epidemic because obviously physically, our bodies are meant to be mobile we aren’t built to be sitting around doing nothing all day. Also, it’s quite well known now that exercise is very good for your mental health as well. It’s tough time for the next few weeks that people can be home alone, so exercise is a great way to release stress, keep your positivity levels high, and can also reduce levels of anxiety, showing that it is massively important to stay active and be as fit and healthy as possible during this epidemic.”

Esrkine in action against Hearts earlier this season

As we continue to step further into an uncertain future, it is refreshing to see that there are people who’re prioritising the health and well-being of others during this period of social distancing.

Funktional Fitness is taking a step in the right direction, by letting people stay on track in terms of fitness and well-being, whilst also prioritising clients physical and mental health, in a socially distant, professional manner.

Cameron Middleton

Do you believe that health and fitness should be a priority right now? Have your say. https://twitter.com/CammyMiddleton8/status/1244588205153886208?s=20

If you’d like to sign up for the Online Academy – head to the website http://www.funktionalfitnesstraining.com

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