Boris Johnson

Glasgow's empty streets as Scotland goes into Lockdown due to COVID 19

By Zainab Arowoshere

Following the prime Minister’s announcement some days ago to only leave home when it is absolutely necessary, and all non essential shops to be closed immediately to stop the outbreak of the disease.

The Scottish First Minister also said police will be given powers to fine anybody that is seen breaching the new measures.

A lot of people are keeping to this new rule as what is meant to be the most crowded street in some Scotland city is now been referred to as a ghost city. While some people are sharing their Quarantine routine on social media.

Streets in Glasgow is now a place of empty people amid the Corona virus pandemic. People are now taking the Government’s advice seriously to stay indoors.

The new Guidance says people should only leave their home for one out of four major reasons.

  • Shopping for basic things that is needed at home like food and medicine.
  • A form of exercise each day.
  • Any medical need, or to provide care to help a vulnerable person.
  • Travelling to and from work only when necessary and can’t be done from home.

According to scientist, a gathering of more than two people should be avoided because it can increase the spread of the pandemic disease

After the Scottish Government to enforce lock down in the Country, a lot of people have taken to the advice while some people thinks it is not a good decision because people will go hungry after a couple of weeks.

“If people are forced to stay at home, they will have problems of getting food for their daily life”

Over 422 confirmed cases in the UK with the lest cases in Europe, Italy has recorded more than 6000 deaths in the past week. Over 400,00 cases globally and more than 18,000 deaths, this was recorded by the authorities.

For further information about the current lock down situation, Visit the GOV.UK website .

For latest information about the Coronavirus in the UWS visit:

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