Gaming Through Corona Lock Down

By Christopher Dass

The corona virus lock down across many countries has caused difficulties for many business except the for a few like the online gaming industry. Online Gaming industry is a popular business that is helping many people get through the lock down. One such business that has taken to the online gaming is the Unboxed café https://uwsnewsroom.com/2020/03/24/local-business-in-ayr-fear-for-future-amid-coronavirus-outbreak/.

Whit the improvement of technology online gaming saw its place in the world gaining popularity with the millennials. This led to a new world of sport and competition creating its own brand, with board games having to compete with it. Now with world under lock down the online gaming industry is booming as many are downloading and buying these online games. The reason being that these games can be played form any where in the world with just a device in hand.

Online gaming is not like your regular sport or board game that comes with a specific set of rules and format. It is constantly changing making improvements to its game, adding new things that make it challenging to keep its players hooked. But with the lock down effecting industries across the world will it be possible for these gaming industries to update their games? Specially during a lock down where more and more non gamer’s are getting hooked to these games. Speaking to Dave Sapien a game developer from Scotland Dundee, we got to know that the employees of the gaming industry have been clocking in their office (few in number) to work on the updates of the game and if the situation persists then customers will have to understand and wait for at least six months for a new update or a release.  

“customers should expect delays in the release schedule of most games. Even as much as six months. In that time I would ask your readers to look toward indie games, as there will be many excellent teams producing great games that will need support.”

Many online video chat applications have taken to online gaming in times of the lock down to such as house party to provide a more of a friendly socializing atmosphere for its consumers https://www.ft.com/content/c7ce2ad3-7276-4d8a-9deb-21acca871082. Sports brands such as Decathlon have also taken to online gaming to spread positivity among their employees and consumers. Solomon Donald the content head of Decathlon India chatted with us on how he and his team came up with this online gaming idea inspired by the physical fair game spin the wheel, to create a chat board connecting all the employees across the world and keeping their sprites up during the lock down.

“The wheel creates a series of conversation with people across the world chatting about how can they go trekking in the bathroom”

Apart form online gaming the internet has also created a space and popularity for table top games or board games as we all know it. Mr. Owen Duff the author of “The Board Game Book” said to us that the lock down has increased the demand for table top games as more and more people are plying it connecting from various places through video chat.

“There’s been a real boost in playing tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulhu over video chat. The rise of online play – and particularly live streaming – has really taken the industry by storm. A lot of people are looking for a bit of escapism and social contact right now, and RPGs are a fantastic way of getting those things”.

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