The affects of Corona Virus on Scotland’s Community media

Christopher Dass

With covid-19 causing a major pandemic across the world causing people to isolate themselves, having to rely on the media for regular updates on the situation and to answer their questions, and ease their fears. But what happens to these organizations as they work to provide information on the global pandemic, keeping in mind the danger of being exposed to the virus.

As Scotland prepares it’s self to isolations with restaurants, pubs and bars ordered to be closed and people told to work form home, UK’s entertainment stations are canceling some of their shows like East Enders until the pandemic cross over. In terms of media information, “Big Media” conglomerates are such as the “BBC” are having their radio presenters, present form home https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51943591. But what do small community media stations do? How do they cope with the current situation and go about entertaining their audience and provide update information, as the don’t have the facilities to have their presenters, do their jobs form home? Hears what Ali a one of the head presenters of Awaz Fm had to say.

“Obviously it’s difficult as most of our presenter are volunteers of different age groups. Some older with health issues, some younger. We do have a slight problem actually as the older ones are self-isolating

Though this is a bad time for community media, it is safe to say that the current situation doesn’t affect community television channels as their audience are online and so work can be done from home and sent to be streamed online. However Samuel Yerokun who runs a small African based community channel in Glasgow believes that if the situation continues to persist then there will be a problem with the internet that will cause a problem for streaming which will not only effect small community stations but also major conglomerates.

Apart from all the problems community media’s facing one popular radio station in Glasgow has sets its internal problem a side in order to run a campaign raise funds for the families in need, who have been affected by the impact of coved-19. Radio Clyde’s Cash for Kids has launched and appeal to build a fund, that will provide grants to help families with children who are bellow or on the poverty line to cover their basic needs https://planetradio.co.uk/clyde/charity/events/appeal-clyde/

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