Keeping faith during lock down

Christopher Dass

The UK’s lock down to prevent the spread of corona virus is restricting gathering people to not more than two people.

A country lock down means that everything excluding essential services like supermarkets health care will be closed. But what does this mean for places of worship? Certain religions require its people to be present at their places of worship, Like the Muslim religion that requires its people to be present at their mosque on Fridays for their worship or the Catholics that require its parishioners to be present in church for Sunday services.

With UK’s lock down in place what does it mean for these religious groups? Are these religious groups having a plan in hand to continue practicing their religious duties?

The office of The Roman Catholic Church of St Aloysius said that they are a aware of the situation updates on the church programs are being posted constantly on social media and “ certain churches like the cathedral are streaming their services online” using social media as a way to compensate for their lack of presence due the situation and continue practicing their faith https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-51974782.

“Some Churches live stream their services and also post small video clips”

It is come to light that the digital era is playing a huge part in religious faith as many which is un-heard of as many of religions forbids the use of modern technology to practice their faith. We Spoke to Tarek a member of the Glasgow Muslim community who said they too have shifted to online social activities providing religious lectures and workshops.

“The Muslim Community of Glasgow stopped people coming to mosques and all types of community social activities and have started online activities for the community”

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