Healthy at Home: Is exercise essential during lockdown?

by Mya Bollan

Boris Johnston’s strict rules to tackle spread of coronavirus allow people to leave their homes once a day to exercise.

The Prime Minister last night announced that the country is facing a “national emergency” and new rules and restrictions are necessary to protect the NHS and save lives.

The government guidance allows people to leave their homes to shop for basic necessities such as food and medicine, for medical reasons, to travel to and from essential work. The guidance also permits people to leave their house to exercise once per day.

Going for a run, walk or cycle alone or with a member of your household is allowed. Gyms and other leisure and sport facilities are closed as well as group outdoor exercise prohibited.

However, allowing people to leave the house to exercise is splitting opinions. Is it really essential?

Archie Thomas is a personal trainer and health specialist. He believes it is vital that everyone stays fit and healthy during the crisis to relieve stress and anxiety:

When we exercise our body releases endorphins and these are what help relieve any stress and anxiety that might have built up through your day to day life, especially in the current circumstances there is going to be many people struggling due to reduced money even losing their jobs…”

Archie Thomas

Archie Thomas: Personal trainer

Archie is helping people to keep fit by posting home work outs on social media. Something that many personal trainers, health experts and even just people who enjoy working out are doing during lockdown.

Another personal trainer, Matty Allan, agrees that it is really important to maintain physical activity to keep our bodies and mind in check.

“They’re all the obvious reasons, keeping off weight that you might put on being stuck in the house,

“But the one that maybe people aren’t thinking about as much is your mental health.

He stresses that physical exercise is also fundamental for our mental health:

“Physical exercise has massive hand and help in keeping you mentally strong, getting rid of stress and just making you feel better about yourself really.”

Matty Allan

Matty Allan: Personal Trainer

Health and nutrition coach and WBFF professional Beth Scott has taken to Instagram to provide people with a healthy routine.

Keeping active, getting outside is key even during lockdown. She says that the situation could even be beneficial to people’s health as the only thing they may be able to do is get out and go for a walk.

“The endorphins, the dopamine and even just getting outside. Even on a cloudy day you still get vitamin D which is important for wellbeing”

Beth Scott
Beth is even helping those who will miss their favourite foods during lockdown closures up and down the country.

It is agreed that the current situation is far from ideal but there are things that we can be doing to ensure that our health and wellbeing is looked after during this time. Social media and online classes hosted by gyms are just some ways to keep active.


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