Africa shutting its doors amidst Corona virus Outbreak

By Zainab Arowoshere

“Closing the border is the best way for Nigeria because people entering the Country from will affect almost everybody and that is what the Government is avoiding.”

That is the voice of a Nigerian Public servant who has been told to stay at home due to the current situation of the Country.

Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, Egypt and other African Countries have all closed their borders and stopped flights from Countries that have recorded more than 200 cases of COVID 19 since the Outbreak as it’s a pandemic disease.

Nigeria has restricted entry from Countries that have recorded more than 1000 cases of Corona virus and also shut down its Schools.

Nigerian Government have told the citizens not to panic and everyone should strictly observe the advisory information disseminated by the Ministry of health in this pandemic situation.

Africa has recorded 17 deaths since the Outbreak of Corona virus. The World Health Organisation has confirmed 633 cases in Africa and over 17 deaths in 33 African Countries.

The first COVID 19 death in Nigeria has been recorded. A 67 year old male who returned home from following medical treatment in the UK. The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control released that the deceased had underlying medical conditions from multiple myeloma, diabetes and was undergoing chemotherapy.

UWS Nigerian reporter Zainab Arowoshere has been talking with public servants and Nigerian citizens about the effect of Corona virus in the Country.

Nigerian Public Servant talking about the government decision for workers to stay at home and the Border Closures

“So far so schools have been shutdown for Students, but Teachers are told to be in School for sometime.”

Ebi is a Teacher from Nigeria, she explained to UWS news the situation of Schools in Nigeria and is not sure if the school Authority will pay them for staying at home due to the Pandemic.

Ebi explained the situation of Nigerian Schools which are currently shutdown for students.

UWS Correspondent Zainab Arowoshere had a chat with Citizens of Nigeria to get their Opinion about the Coronavirus situation in Nigeria.

Nigerians talk about the situation of Covid 19.

So far Egypt has the highest number of Corona virus cases in Africa.

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