Panic Buying around the UK as Covid 19 spreads

By Zainab Arowoshere

As the deadly virus spreads, shoppers in all part of the UK are in a panic situation which is leading to people buying more than what is needed in their specific homes as everyone is scared there might be a lock down any moment.

There’s a lot of videos and pictures on social media of empty shelves, as various stores have ended up placing restrictions on certain goods. Items like Hand Sanitizer, Pasta, Toilet papers are the most essential goods in the store at the moment and they are running out in no time.

Meanwhile Asda store in Ayr is very busy and they don’t have any delivery slot available for the next few days, which means shoppers will have to visit the store to get any available grocery.

No online delivery at Asda Ayr

Nora is a student of the University of West of Scotland and she experienced an out of stock store in Asda, with quite a lot of expensive goods.

Nora Garcia told us about her experience at Asda store in Ayr.

Empty shelves at Asda store in Ayr

Stores like Tesco, Asda, lidl, Waitrose, have all placed restrictions on certain goods in their store which also apply to online purchases.

Last week, the Prime Minister said “I am confident we have fantastic supply chains, It is very important that everybody behave responsibly and think about others.

Mya Bollan is a staff at Tesco store in Ayr, she told UWS News about her experience at the store and how things are going out of stock really fast.

Mya told us experience at the panic buying at the Tesco store in Ayr where she works.

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