Storm Ciara disrupts UWS students’ lives

by Darren Gibson

Storm Ciara swept across the country during the week, causing havoc for public transport and even causing loss of life.

The storm brought a Met Office yellow warning for most of the nation, disrupting train travel and closing the iconic Queensferry Crossing for the first time since it opened in 2017 after ice and snow fell from cables onto drivers below. 

Two people unfortunately lost their lives in the storm; one in Liverpool after a tree branch fell and another in Hampshire when a tree fell on a car.

As Ciara recedes, Storm Dennis is expected to take its place bringing with it gusts of more than 60 mph and potential flooding. 

Closer to home in Ayr, Ciara disrupted the lives of some UWS students, with several having to stay the night in the home of another student after travel services were cancelled. Another was scared for their life whilst driving in the heavy weather.

UWS News spoke with students at Ayr campus about how the storms have been affecting them:

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