South Ayrshire Council plans to refurbish Ayr: will they manage to bring life back to the town?

By Layla Maguire

Those who have visited Ayr will know it as a place to visit in the summer months for a day at the beach. However, the town used to be filled with busy shoppers on the high street which have seen a domino effect of closures in recent years as a result of growth in online shopping. This has resulted in empty buildings and less people walking the streets, turning Ayr into an almost ghost-town compared to what it used to be.

The council are working to close the gap between Ayr town and the beachfront by revamping and opening attractions in both areas, to provide a variety of activities for visitors.

With the old local Odeon cinema being abandoned for years, the council have decided to make it part of their mission to establish and revamp attractions such as a cinema, local swimming pool and a new beach front restaurant to give people more reasons to visit Ayr year-round rather than just during summer.

They are also focusing on transforming old facilities at the beachfront such as the former golf course into a picnic area as requested by the people of Ayr. Other developments are in the process of being consulted with the public, such as the site beside the river in Ayr which they will propose ideas of what they would like to see it used for.

More general plans for the refurbishment include organising and supporting local communities with events year-round and prioritising cleanliness by clearing the streets of litter and fixing pavements.

These developments not only aim to attract more visitors to the area but to also help residents rekindle their love for their home town.

South Ayrshire Council Leader, Douglas Campbell, discusses the council’s plans for Ayr’s refurbishment in more detail and outlines what he aims to achieve in the next five years.

Interview with South Ayrshire Council Leader, Douglas Campbell

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