Ayr’s Stagnant Station Hotel

By Dale Eaton

Ayr’s Station Hotel was ruled a dangerous building in March 2018 and is still under a cloud of construction nearly two years later.

The Station Hotel, which has been a staple of Ayr’s landscape since as early as 1866, is now shrouded in scaffolding and tarpaulin. This is due to efforts being made to stabilise the building which has been ruled a danger to the people and property around it.

South Ayrshire Council, who have the burden of repairing the building do not actually own it. The building is part owned by Network Rail and majority owned by a Malaysian business man.

The council were called into action in March 2018 when they were obliged to take action under the Building (Scotland) Act 2003.

The construction is still under way and there doesn’t seem to be a real end in sight.

To find out more about the council’s action visit this link:

To find out what students think about the station watch this video package:

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