Batman set to boost Scottish economy

by Ben MacDonald

As filming for the new Batman movie takes place next month, the Scottish economy should continue to benefit from the film and television industry choosing to select our nation as the backdrop for their productions.

When it was first reported by the Daily Record that Warner Bros were to transform Glasgow into the Caped Crusader’s hometown Gotham City, comic book fans around the country took to social media excited at the prospect of seeing the Batmobile zoom through the streets of the Dear Green Place. When the film arrives on the silver screen in 2021, it will help continue the trend of tourists visiting the country to step on the ground where their favourite fictional heroes have stood before them.

From battling aliens on the platforms of Edinburgh’s Waverley Station to secret espionage hideaways in Glen Coe, the last decade has seen different areas of Scotland feature on a number of box office hits. One of the biggest impacts for tourism in the country recently comes from the small screen however, as fans of the successful US series Outlander have arrived to partake in Jacobite related activities whilst on holiday. This has come to the point where VisitScotland have created an “Outlander Effect” report, which highlights why visitors from Europe or long haul markets decide to visit.

Jenni Steele, Film and Creative Industries Manager at the national tourism organisation, said: “Film tourism is booming in Scotland. Outlaw King, Mary Queen of Scots, Avengers and the award-winning 1917 are just some of the exciting new films to be shot here, while the popularity of Outlander and its Scottish filming locations continues to grow. Film and TV productions not only showcase the unique mix of stunning landscapes, rich heritage and fascinating stories that Scotland offers but can inspire set-jetting fans to visit. With research finding that one in five visitors are inspired to plan a trip after seeing it on-screen, the opportunities for the tourism industry are immense.”

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