Scottish Esports player opens up after ban

By Lewis McLeod

Rainbow six siege player Jack ‘Doki’ Robertson was banned from competitive play by Ubisoft and ESL for ‘severe toxicity’, This happened back in October and his ban will run until April 2nd.

The moment he was banned was caught during stream whilst playing with his team, Natus Vincere, The scotsman has since moved on and started to focus on the future. When asked about his ban and what his plans were he opened up .

Jack ‘Doki’ Robertson banned mid-game from Ubisoft and ESL

“I am banned until April 2nd can’t really do much until then…I’m a player at heart it’s what I do best so I can’t truly help till I’m unbanned. As it stands now I should be rejoining the roster as a player when I’m unbanned, but who knows what happens in these situations – it’s what’s best for the team at the end of the day”

After been giving such a lengthy ban and being made to watch his team instead of actually helping them would affect any player and it would affect anyone if they were told to not take part, forcing them to watch their peers, Doki has an interesting comparison on what his ban has been like.

“It’s been really tough, it’s like being fired from your job. It sucks, all you wanna do is get back.”

The NAVI’s player streams on twitch but admitted “I began to focus more on streaming but it’s not for me, it’s really boring but I appreciate all my viewers and subs they’re the best and make it easier. I’m a comp player and that’s what I want to do, not stream full time.”

The player has a large following and has many fans who will look to follow in his footsteps and become a professional player. The Scottish gaming community doesn’t get much coverage so the fans from Scotland will follow players like him via social media and this will be the image that comes across to up and coming players but he had some great advice.

“To avoid the situation I’m in, don’t be an a****** ? Pretty simple.”

The player has a fierce side and looks fully committed to making a return to the big stage and playing competitive again but he is only half way through his ban. This last stretch may throw a few spanners in the work but Doki remains confident and focused on his task at hand.

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