Unclear Future for EU Students in Scotland

The European students of the University of the West of Scotland are worried about their future in a post-Brexit Scotland.

European students across Scotland are both “worried” and “confused” about their futures’ in a post-Brexit Scotland. First Minster Nicola Sturgeon issued a statement to the European Citizens Scotland committee on Monday, reassuring that European citizens are welcome to Scotland.


Scotland is known as a popular destination for foreign students, due to its free funding and inclusive culture. The Regional European Manager at the University of the West of Scotland, Norman MacMillan stated:

“I think that Scotland and the UK welcomes students in an appropriate manner from all over the world, and has the infrastructure to support them whilst here, [for example] different faith centres, international food outlets, and is generally, a multicultural country.”

Scots Flag, EU Flag

Speaking with Justyna Bodzek, a Broadcast Production student in Ayr, she spoke about her insecurities on her future in Scotland:

“First of all, I was worried in the beginning, thinking that something will change university-wise, that for example they will cut tuition [support]… but it is difficult to predict what is going to happen.”

Justyna continued, remarking on Sturgeon’s comments:

I think that it is really important that she said we are all welcome, and that she treats us equally with Scottish people. You can feel comfortable in this country, you don’t have to feel like you are ‘The Outsider’”

Nicola Sturgeon

While Sturgeon has shown adamant support for European citizens remaining in Scotland (she launched her Stay in Scotland campaign last April), the deciding power falls to Westminster under Boris Johnson’s leadership, as immigration is a reserved matter. European citizens residing in Scotland will legally remain within the UK until the 31st of December this year, yet until the correct legislation has been agreed between the UK and the EU government their future in Scotland is unknown.

If you are an EU student studying in Scotland, unsure on the impact Brexit will have on you, click here to read through GOV.UK ‘s guidance.

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