UWS pre-election poll finds huge support for the SNP

By Jack Ewing

An election poll conducted by UWS Newsroom has found 80% of respondents plan to vote SNP on Thursday.

The poll had over 2,000 respondents however it may not have had the broad base of responses usually collected by established pollsters. It should be said that the figures don’t match with other established polls and don’t take in specific constituency data.
The poll does highlight two things which can give in insight into the current state of the parties. The poll shows a large level of support for the SNP but also a lack of support for Labour who polled at only 14%. This poll suggests that Labour aren’t doing as well among traditional left-wing voters as they would hope and expect to.
A recent Panalbase poll showed the SNP holding a 10-point lead over the Conservatives in Scotland. All recent opinion polling shows the SNP in front in Scotland but also clearly show the Conservatives as the second largest party.

The margin of victory varies for the SNP so it is unclear how many seats (if any) the SNP can add to their total.  The SNP will be looking to take the seats back from the Conservatives which they lost in 2017. Labour may struggle to get a look in in a lot of seats as tactical voters may be more likely to back the SNP to unseat Conservatives.
Labour will hope they can start to regain the support they had in Scotland throughout the 2000s.
The UWS poll appears to show Labour aren’t close to regaining that level of support however they will need to make gains across Scotland to have any chance of winning the most seats at this election.

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