Killie Call for Volunteers to Help Install Safe Standing Section

By Callum McFadzean

Kilmarnock’s next midweek home game against St Johnstone could see the opening of the new safe standing sections. The first stadium project in Britain to be solely funded by fans, cost The Killie Trust £40,000 and will look to accommodate 324 rail seats across two sections in the East Stand and one section in the Moffat.

The idea was lobbied to season ticket holders at the end of last season and was confirmed by the club in June that the project was accepted and would come into fruition. The rail seats would be a similar standard to Werder Bremen’s standing section at The Weserstadion.Kilmarnock v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership - Rugby Park

Fans are delighted with the news. Season ticket holder, Jamie Sutherland, who is hoping to be a part of the new section described the initiative as “one of the best things the club has implemented in recent times”, believing the ground now has “room for improvement for the atmosphere to turn up a notch”

The opening of the sections could be seen as an invite for fans to get involved in singing and displays during home games, something fans have thought has been lacking at Rugby Park. Lifelong Killie fan Fraser McFadzean told me “we finished third last season and we weren’t exactly jumping about, so yes it would add to the atmosphere”.

The Killie Trust media correspondent Alasdair Madden described the project as an “exciting step forward for the club and the Killie Trust” as he describes the developments on and off the pitch at Rugby Park.

“The Trust plays a vital role, and working closely with the club, has helped to make things like the safe standing happen. A lot of good work in the community is instigated through the organisation and the club as well.”

Kilmarnock are looking for volunteers this week to help with the installation in preparation for their home game on the fourth of December.

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