Last chance to register to vote in General Election

By Campbell Finlayson

Today is the last day that you will be able to register yourself to vote in next month’s General Election.

To vote on December 12th, British citizens who haven’t previously voted have to register via the UK Government website. This is the case for all general elections or referendums, but you only have to do it once to remain on the electoral register.

You can register from the age of 14 in Scotland and 16 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but you’re not able to vote until you turn 18, although Scots can vote in local elections at 16. The deadline for registration is 11:59pm this evening.

Registering online is simple, with only your National Insurance number and personal details required, but the impact it could have on your own future is huge.

SNP councillor for Ayr North, Laura Brennan-Whitefield expressed the importance of ensuring you are able to vote, saying; “It is vital that people register to vote in order that their voice can be heard by those who make decisions for them.”

Her sentiments were echoed by her colleague and South Ayrshire council leader, Douglas Campbell, who stressed just how crucial the public’s votes could be to ensure a prosperous future for Scotland, whether that is as part of the United Kingdom or as an independent nation.

He said; “This election will determine whether the UK remains an open and welcoming country. If a different course is chosen, the people of Scotland have the right to choose their own destiny.”

This will be the first general election since 2017, which came just under two months after being called by then Prime Minister, Theresa May. The Conservative Party remained the largest single party and is expected to do so again this year, under the leadership of Boris Johnson.


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