Many Different Factors to Suicide

by John Murray

WHILE a report out today has said some men feel suicidal because of body image a Scottish suicide charity has said there are many different factors leading to people taking their own life.

A survey carried by You Gov and published by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) showed 12% of those questioned about anxiety surrounding their body image had suicidal thoughts.black-white-funeral-candle-77648

Touched by Suicide is a Glasgow based charity helping people who have been affected by a loved one who has taken their own life.

George Fisher is a Tenancy and Sustainability officer with the organisation. He offered his own personal opinions on what leads to people killing themselves.

“Problems with drink or drugs and bereavement are classic reasons why people take their own lives.

“Copycat killings have also been more prominent in recent years. Where for some reason one person decides to end it all because they know of someone else who has, whether they met online or whatever.

“A lot of the time though you just don’t know why someone has decided to do it. In many cases family and friends have no idea why that person has committed suicide.”

When asked why he though so many men had dark thoughts surrounding their body image George said: “I think its likely to be social media generated.

“Men not living up to their own expectations.”

Despite seeing the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat as platforms contributing towards negative feelings surrounding body image, the 57-year-old, believed it wasn’t just young people or millennials who have suicidal thoughts.

“I don’t think it’s generational, I think it’s more circumstantial.”

George advised anyone with concerns about the afore mentioned problems to make sure they have a doctor in place and to contact any mental health charities who specialise in this area.

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