Where do we go after Erasmus?

by Ben MacDonaldIMG_7848

Following the announcement of a deadline extension for Brexit, the fear for the loss of a scheme which allows students to study abroad continues to build.

Running since the 1980’s, the Erasmus program offers students a chance to study in any EU member state for a certain period of time.

When the initial date for Brexit was announced to be the 29th March, there were fears that funding for the 2019-20 academic year would stop and therefore students were warned that financing their trip would be in jeopardy. The extension to the 31st October ensured that students leaving the UK were to obtain the funds needed. As the EU have approved another extension to the 31st January, the initial concerns could return for the 2020-21 term.

Over the current academic year, the University of Glasgow anticipate a total of 550 students out on Erasmus for study exchange and traineeship placements.

A spokesperson for the University ensured that students who started their courses in September, including Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters students whose studies last 2 years, are safe for the coming year including if there is ‘no deal’.

The university, who currently have four grants open, are waiting to see if Parliament will pass the deal agreed by the EU and the UK Government before they can confirm what will happen for students whose studies commence next September. If the UK leaves with no deal, the university fears that they will automatically lose our Programme Country status and students would not be able to participate in EU mobility programmes.

Two Filmmaking students from Cyprus spoke to UWS News about their love of Scotland since arriving. They both shared how they have visited the country prior to their studies and that the course will offer fantastic opportunities for them.

Should our departure from the European Union , universities around the country will miss out on the inclusion of exemplary young people who could offer so much to our community.

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