‘No’ to a messy exit

PEOPLE, trade, intellectual property and data protection are all areas the Scottish Chamber of Commerce is concerned for when it comes to Brexit.

The Scottish Chambers of Commerce acts as an umbrella body for a number of its smaller organisations operating throughout the country.

This week it opened up an online hub to help businesses and traders from all over Scotland find out more about Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Communications and research executive for the SCC, Colin Campbell said: “It’s vital we avoid a messy exit.

“We have to make sure we don’t make this a less attractive place to come to.

“Our hotel chains at the minute are struggling to get workers because the Polish workers they usually hired are finding better prospects at home.

“It can be hard to get local people to do certain jobs.”

In addition to problems with the lack of free movement of people causing drains in labour, Colin believed trade tariffs could be a real problem.

“We don’t want to see no deal tariffs effecting exports from this country.

“Look at the recent tariffs America applied on Scotch whisky, which really could be at the detriment of many businesses in Scotland.

“We don’t want to see tariffs being rough on certain products.”

The Scottish Chamber of Commerce wants to see trading arrangements and customs declarations ratified and MPs and MEPs work together to avoid a no deal.

“We need to maintain a balance between traders. It needs to be a level playing field,” said Colin.

The new advice hub will give up-to-date direction on cross border trading and data protection.

“There needs to be clarity as to what the data protection legislation and implementation will be.”


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