John Docherty “looking forward” to Newcastle Fight

By Dale Eaton


Scottish boxing star John Docherty is looking to keep his perfect record intact as he squares off with Tomas Bezvoda in Newcastle on Saturday.

John Docherty has had an explosive start to his professional boxing career with five knockouts in his first six fights. Most notably, The Doc knocked out Jordan Latimer in 8 seconds on his professional debut.

You can watch his incredible debut here:

Docherty is back in Newcastle on Saturday, the scene of his debut victory, as he takes on Czech boxer Thomas Bezvoda. The 32-year-old Czech is a much more experienced boxer than the 21-year-old, coming into the bout with 17 professional fights in the tank, compared to The Doc’s 6.

Despite this, Docherty is not dismayed by the Czech’s experience: “I get my experience in the gym, I’ve been sparing world champ boys that have been challenging for the world title, like John Ryder, that’s all my experience there.”

The explosive southpaw isn’t too concerned about picking up rounds in this fight: “Obviously I do need rounds in but if I don’t get them I don’t get them, I’m not really bothered. I’ve been sparing 10 rounds in the gym so I’m more than ready to take on a 6 rounder.”

Bezvoda has only ever been knocked out once in his career but Docherty is confident he can make that twice: “100% i’ll be knocking him out on Saturday night. He will be getting knocked out, he won’t be able to last 6 rounds with me.

“I’ll have to see how it goes on Saturday but I’m looking for a knockout 100%.”

Docherty has been training hard in the build-up to the fight, saying: “This is probably my best camp I’ve done yet, I’m feeling very strong, I’ve done my weight regiment and I’ve been sparing more rounds.

“I’ve been well prepared for this fight and I’m looking forward to it. It’s my first step up to 6 rounds and it’s supposed to be a step up in opponent so I’m looking forward to it.”

You can listen to the full interview with John Docherty here:

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