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Palo Alto Networks talk “online safety” at UWS.

By Ryan Capperauld.

In a visit to the UWS campus in Ayr, guest lecturer Phil Taylor (Security Network Engineer) of Palo Alto Networks stressed the importance of online safety in the age of internet usage.

Taylor outlined the dangers that hacking and the gathering of data can pose online, urging students and staff members at the university to become self-aware of how their activities online could be putting themselves at risk.  Students in the class seemed shocked with the level of activity which could be considered risky online – with MA Broadcast Journalist student Callum Kerr stating ” Im very much considering updating my security measures online”.


Students were given a guide on how to stay safe online.

Speaking exclusively to UWS reporter Heather Ryce, Taylor stated ” It’s very easy to improve security posture by having something as simply as different passwords and 2FA”.

Paolo Alto Networks is an American based online safety company, is one of the largest in their field, with competing outlets including the likes of Cisco and Checkpoint.  Its core products are a platform that includes advanced firewalls and could bases server offerings that extend those firewalls to cover other aspects of security.  The company serves 50,000 organisations in 150 + countries, including 85 of the Fortune 100 listed companies.

Students were also introduced to Steven Wallace of Fullproxy, who also outlined the current struggles facing internet users. Wallace, asserted the way in which hackers pose a threat to major companies across the globe, indicating that hackers are no longer scared of causing disruption on a large scale.

Fullproxy is a UK based cyber security specialist with a growing number of high-profile clientele.

The lecture today comes as part of a initiative by UWS to prepare students for the future and the challenges which will await them when leaving the university.

To watch the full interview visit:

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