‘The Hunterston Proposal’ Fairlie’s Fight, A Community Divided

Under new plans Hunterston PARC in North Ayrshire is set to become an oil rig decommissioning hub, hoping to provide hundreds of jobs for the surrounding area.

But many are sceptical of the developments, believing that the jobs are over-estimated and the environment will be adversely compromised.

Brandon Cook, a student at UWS, looks into the situation deeper in this eye-opening documentary as part of his creative research project.

Which side are you on?

Watch below.


The Hunterston Proposal has gained a lot of interest since release, the most recent article is from Ayrshire Daily News: https://www.ayrshiredailynews.co.uk/news/the-hunterston-proposal?fbclid=IwAR0oveNRWA4TK0vdvVyzAmf0b415Vy4mn2N8RSKPaHPF8GrqfBAkv_jo-Us

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