Murray: Final Set Live

UWS newsroom brings you the final set from potentially Andy Murray’s last ever match, live from Melbourne.

By Cameron Middleton – @Camymmiddleton8

Andy Murray – Aus Open 2011

To take it to the final set, Murray has won two tie breaks against Bautista Agut (6-4, 6-4, 7-6, 7,6).

Murray has improved vastly as the game goes on, with people suggesting that Bautista seems to be tiring.

The final set is currently tied one game each, with Murray serving.

Whoever wins this set will advance through to the next round of the Australian Open, to face John Milman.


Murray to serve. Currently 40-30 Bautista Agut.

Murray’s return smashes the net. Advantage Bautista.

Point Bautista. The Spaniard leads 2-1 in the final set.

15 – Love for Bautista, beautifully placed shot to Murrays left.

30 – Love, then 40 Love in quick succession for Bautista/

3-1 Bautista Agut. Murray look’s exhausted.

15 – Love Murray!. Bautista’s return goes out.

30 – Love, very similar return from Bautista, going straight out.

30-15. Right-handed return from Murray goes wide.

30-30. Murray’s second serve fails to reach over the net.

40-30 Bautista. Massive chance for Bautista to increase his lead.

4-1 Bautstia. Bautista Agut in the driving position here in the final set.

15 – Love Bautista. Bautista to serve.

30 – Love Bautista.

40 – Love Bautista. The world’s number 22 looking fantastic.

5-1 Bautista Agut. Murray looking defeated here, yet the crowd is erupting in support as this could be could be Andy Murray’s last ever set.

15 – Love Andy Murray!

15 each. Fantastic rally between the two, with Bautista coming out on top.

Ace, Murray. Making it 30-15.

30-30. Bautista’s return hitting the net but just going over.

40-30 Bautista, then 40-40 will Murray relying rapidly. The game isn’t over yet.

Advantage Andy Murray. The noise is incredible.

5-2 Andy Murray. He might be on his final legs, yet the Scotsman will not back down despite Bautista’s inspiring efforts.

Bautista has taken the lead here. 15 – Love .

He then makes it 30, then 40 – Love, making Murray really work.

Game, set and match. 6-2 in the final set to Roberto Bautista Agut.

Despite going two sets down, in typical Andy Murray fashion he clawed it back to making 2-2, despite looking visually knackered. However, in the final set, Bautista Agut really showed his class, ultimately winning 6-2 against one of the worlds greats.

An emotional Andy Murray has taken to the court for potentially his final post match interview:

“If I’m going to go again, then ill need to have a big operation, which means there’s no guarantee I will be able to come back from that”

Regardless of the result, Andy Murray is considered to be one of the greatest British athletes of all time. His victories paved the way for the younger generation to get involved with Tennis, as he gripped a nation through his courageous and never-give-up attitude which brought the nation our first Men’s singles winner at Wimbledon since 1936.

Do you believe that Andy Murray is the greatest British athlete of our generation? Have your say.

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