Mary, Queen of the Screen.

Stars take to the Scottish capital to watch premiere of new historical film.

Mary Queen of Scots star Saoirse Ronan is one of the many famous names expected to attend the Scottish film’s premiere at Edinburgh Castle tonight.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is also on the list along with Scottish actors Jack Lowden, James McArdle and comedienne Karen Dunbar who also appears in the movie.


Director Josie Rourke and producer Tim Bevan are also expected to attend the first Scottish screening of the historical drama, which conveys the story of the two rival queens.

Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, who rose to fame at the young age of 13 for her role in Atonement, appears on screen as the nominal Queen. Margot Robbie has been shortlisted for a Best Supporting Actress Bafta for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I, the cousin of Mary Queen of Scots.

The historical drama, written by Beau Willimon, based on John Guy’s biography ‘Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart.’ 

Mary Queen of Scots had its world premiere on closing night of AFI Fest on 15 November 2018, was released in the United States on 7 December 2018, and is scheduled to be in the United Kingdom by 18 January 2019.

The film shows Mary Stuart return from France to reclaim the Scottish throne, under the rule of English Queen Elizabeth I, and assert her claim to the English throne. Elizabeth I and  Mary Stuart dominated Scottish and English politics for 20 years, the film illustrates the relationship of the two Queens and how betrayal, rebellion, and conspiracies which were imbedded within each throne and how they changed history.

The screening in Scotland’s capital takes place just over a month after the movie had its European premiere in London.

Parts of the drama were shot in Scotland, with Blackness Castle in West Lothian playing the role as Linlithgow Palace, the birthplace of the Scottish queen. Mary’s return to Scotland was filmed at Seacliff in East Lothian while other scenes were shot in Glencoe and the Cairngorms.


The film has already received generally enthusiastic reviews, with praise for the performances and costumes. However, it has been criticised for the screenplay and several historical inaccuracies.  The film has received three nominations at the 72nd British Academy Film Awards including the Best Supporting Actress (Robbie), Best Costume Design, and Best Makeup & Hair. For her performance, Robbie also earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the Screen Actors Guild.

The film not only portrays the relationship of the two historical Queens, it also puts Scotland on the map as parts of the film were filmed in various spots around the country. Many believe the movie will ignite a sense of patriotism throughout Scotland and encourage people to visit, offering a great opportunity for the Scottish tourism sector.

Scottish Culture Secretary, Fiona Hyslop said: “If I am allowed, as the MSP for Linlithgow, to say that that is a great opportunity not just for the screen and the culture side, but also for the tourism aspect for Scotland.”

It is hoped that the new film will showcase Scottish scenery and encourage tourists to visit the country, allowing the economy to flourish.

Lynn Dickie, Senior History lecturer at Glasgow Clyde College said: “Braveheart had a massive effect on tourism after its release. There will be an increase in foreign visitors, particularly American tourists”

Mary Queen of Scots has the potential to allow Scottish tourism to flourish, encourages tourists from across the globe to visit the remarkable country and showcases its history and world class locations.

Dickie said: “Visit Scotland now have a TV/Film location site on there website. Therefore people who want to visit the areas shot in Scotland will be able to find them easily, which will help boost to local areas and economies.”

You can catch the new film at almost any cinema as of today, with plenty viewings at a host of different venues.





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